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European eCommerce Alliance

The European Parliament Interest Group for eCommerce

The rapid large scale changes present the EU with unprecedented possibilities in innovation, economic growth and job creation. However, it is not taking advantage fully of these opportunities, because of a number of policy issues. For this reason, EMOTA launched the European eCommerce Alliance, a platform designed to unite members of the European Parliament and online sellers from across the EU in a joint cooperation in order to remove barriers to cross-border online and distance trading.

The European eCommerce Alliance serves as a debate platform and information source about policy, technical and specific eCommerce issues and aspects. This platform provides policy makers with the necessary insight to better understand the issues specific to eCommerce and cross-border sales to serve in better policy making.

The European eCommerce Alliance’s Secretariat is hosted by EMOTA and in cooperation with the European eCommerce Alliance EMOTA is regularly organising events in the European Parliament.

For more information, please visit the European eCommerce Alliance's website.