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Vision & Mission

Vision and Mission

EMOTA is the European level umbrella federation representing Online and Omni Channel trade across Europe. The main mission of EMOTA is to promote eCommerce and help policy makers remove any barriers to trade. The Association also supports and promotes the work of its member organizations in response to ever-changing market conditions and demanding customer needs.

In order to align all activities of EMOTA towards the same goal, the following vision and mission shall guide the Association’s efforts.

The Vision

  • EMOTA represents eCommerce and Omni-Channel Trade in Europe. 
  • EMOTA supports its members and promotes their interests to all relevant stakeholders. EMOTA is a member-driven association and stimulates cross-border exchange through interaction and co-operation.

The Mission

  • EMOTA aims to be the most influential player on the industry's behalf within the eCommerce sector.
  • EMOTA brings added-value to its Members by functioning as an exchange for co-operation and communication.
  • EMOTA helps to facilitate dialogue within the industry as a whole and to improve the image of the eCommerce Industry.
  • EMOTA represents and supports its members’ relationships with external stakeholders through lobbying for a better policy in Europe.