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10 April 2019, 8.30 am - 16.00 pm, Thon Hotel EU - Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Bruxelles, Belgium

Celebrating its 10th anniversary year, The Annual European E-commerce Conference is a key forum for the discussion of European e-commerce policy. The past ten years has seen continual growth in the European e-commerce sector, with consumers instinctively turning to online markets places and platforms to purchase goods and services. Yet there remain huge opportunities for growth within the sector, particularly around cross-border e-commerce.

There are challenges of course. Europe remains a market of national countries and this brings a variety of idiosyncrasies, such as market maturity, technology adoption, postal and delivery constraints, spending power and cultural specificities to name a few. This year’s conference will look at the technological trends shaping the future of e-commerce and will analyse the state of the e-commerce landscape across Europe and internationally, exploring the upcoming developments in the sector.

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4th September 2018, 12:00, Lunch-debate, Members' Salon, European Parliament, Brussels

Global cross-border eCommerce has altered the way businesses and consumers sell and purchase goods and has opened significant opportunities for small businesses to expand and access overseas markets. At the same time, due to the vast growth and unprecedented volume of physical goods entering Europe and other large markets each day, this presents new challenges for customs authorities, which are tasked with supporting trade facilitation whilst managing associated border risks. Given these new challenges, a new innovative and 21st Century approach to product safety is needed. This interactive lunch session, hosted by MEP Jasenko Selimović (ALDE), will explore the solutions and efforts undertaken by the eCommerce sector to ensure the safety and security of consumers.

Lunch will be served. 

Speakers include:

  • MEP Jasenko Selimović (ALDE)
  • James Waterworth, Director of EU Public Affairs, Amazon
  • Kevin Rodler, Chief Compliance Officer, Thomann GmbH
  • Ioana Zlotila, Executive Director, PROSAFE


Members’ Salon, European Parliament Brussels, Belgium

26th June 2018, 12:00 - 14:00

Host: Dita Charanzová, ALDE, Vice-Chair of the IMCO Committee

Offering small and medium-size businesses convenient opportunities to sell their products and services globally, online marketplaces are a successful and growing part of the eCommerce sector, leading to diversity, competition and innovation.

Hosted by MEP Dita Charanzova and organised by EMOTA, this interactive luncheon debate aims to explore and discuss the relations between marketplaces and webshops together with policy-makers and the wider stakeholder community.



12:00-12:30 - Registration

12:30-12:35 - Welcome - EMOTA Director of Government Affairs, Triin Saag

12:35-12:45 - Keynote Speech - MEP Dita Charanzova, ALDE, Vice Chair of the IMCO Committee

12:45- 12:55 - The Marketplace Perspective - Samuel Laurinkari, Head of EU Affairs, eBay

12:55 - 13:05 - A Webshop Perspective - Andrea Gönner, Managing Director, Garnwelt -

13:05-13:15 - The Small Business Perspective - James Sibley, Deputy Head of EU Affairs, Federation of Small Businesses

13:15-13:35 - Q&A

13:35- 13:45 - Closing Remarks - MEP Dita Charanzova, Vice Chair of the IMCO Committee

13:45-14:00 - Networking

EMOTA Panel on eCommerce Week

April 18, 2018

Palais des Nations, Geneva

eCommerce not only enables sellers and buyers to be more visible and accessible to each other, both locally and globally, but it is also a tool for growth, inclusion and connectivity in the modern economy. Whether this is helping small businesses ‘go global’, empowering women, offering consumers located in even the most remote regions an assortment of goods and services at the click of button, e-commerce is the retail selling channel connecting people and businesses in the cross-border context.For this panel session from 16:30 to 18:00, hosted by the European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association (EMOTA), speakers will discuss from their unique perspective how eCommerce and the different market solutions available have helped connect businesses regionally, at the European and international level, as well as challenges that need to be tackled to move to a truly ‘connected global economy’.


Brexit & E-commerce

March 27, 2018

Brussels, Belgium

eCommerce is a cross-border industry, with complex global and regional supply chains. As an industry which is heavily dependent upon convenience, speed and enhancing consumer experience, the UK’s decision to leave the European Union presents several concerns for companies engaged in EU-UK cross-border e-commerce trade: from customs, taxation, product safety, to regulatory divergence in data protection. Hosted by MEP Ivan, this interactive event aims to educate policy-makers, companies and the wider stakeholder community on the potential impacts of Brexit on the e-commerce supply chain, as well as the potential solutions to be considered.

The 9th Annual European E-commerce Conference

March 08, 2018

Brussels, Belgium

On 8 March 2018 EMOTA hosted the 9th edition of the European eCommerce Conference in partnership with Forum Europe. The conference covered the future of eCommerce, providing participants with a comprehensive insight into the new technologies and trends and facilitating networking with key industry players and policy makers active in the eCommerce space.