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Online marketplaces: A Gateway to Global Sales

Members’ Salon, European Parliament Brussels, Belgium

26th June 2018, 12:00 - 14:00

Host: Dita Charanzová, ALDE, Vice-Chair of the IMCO Committee

Offering small and medium-size businesses convenient opportunities to sell their products and services globally, online marketplaces are a successful and growing part of the eCommerce sector, leading to diversity, competition and innovation.

Hosted by MEP Dita Charanzova and organised by EMOTA, this interactive luncheon debate aims to explore and discuss the relations between marketplaces and webshops together with policy-makers and the wider stakeholder community.

Places are limited. Please register here


12:00-12:30 - Registration

12:30-12:35 - Welcome - EMOTA

12:35-12:45 - Keynote Speech - MEP Dita Charanzova, ALDE, Vice Chair of the IMCO Committee

12:45- 12:55 - eBay - The Marketplace Perspective

12:55 - 13:05 - Andrea Gonner, Garnwelt - A Webshop Perspective

13:05-13:15 - A Belgian Webshop Perspective (tbc)

13:15-13:35 - Q&A

13:35- 13:45 - Closing Speech - MEP Dita Charanzova, Vice Chair of the IMCO Committee

13:45-14:00 - Networking