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Advocacy - EMOTA Position Papers

The European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Trade Association (EMOTA) is prized for its advocacy in Brussels – our role is to communicate and convey the interests of our members to the European Institutions. We coordinate the positions of our members to ensure that the industry speaks with one, collective voice. Given the diversity of our membership, we can formulate, and leverage informed and high-quality positions with the European legislator, giving insight into how the proposals will work in accordance with industry practices and trends.

At EMOTA, we use different policy tools, approaches and strategies to defend the interests of our members and inform the policy debate on issues of relevance to online trade. Whether it is face-to-face advocacy with members of the European Parliament, Council, and the European Commission, or a carefully crafted position paper, we ensure that the views of our members are heard and considered.  




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