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The European Union is aiming to create a single payment area, which not only allows citizens and businesses to make cross-border payments in a seamless and secure manner, but also ensures that cross-border payments are subject to the same charges as domestic payments. In furtherance of this goal, the EU set-up common rules on payments across the EU through its payment services directive (recently revised). These rules cover all types of electronic and non-cash payments that e-commerce sellers use: card payments, mobile and online payments etc. EMOTA works with EU policy-makers, through high-level expert groups, to pursue its goal of having a competition-oriented approach for payments. This means: (i) the removal of non-competitive fees; (ii) proper enforcement of payment rules; (iii) a true pan-EU payments system; and (iv) for a policy-framework that supports the use of new technologies.

Joint Letter on SCA & CVV authentication factors to EBA

Joint Letter on SCA & CVV authentication factors to EBA

25 October 2018

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Co-signed letter to EC on final draft EBA RST

25 September 2017

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Industry Letter to the European Commission on the EBA SCA RTS

25 September 2017

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EMOTA position on card, internet and mobile payments

April 2012

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Strong Customer Authentication and the Risk Based Approach

26 July 2017

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Letter to EC & EP on EBA SCA in Online Payments

12 October 2016

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