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EMOTA eCommerce welcomes easier VAT rules

EMOTA welcomes today’s approval by European Members of new VAT rules that would simplify life for web shops. One of the new rules will allow web shops to pay all VAT in their home country, rather than in the country of the consumer.  The new rules are therefore also branded as “VAT One Stop Shop”.  

Some uncertainty still exists over the application date.  EMOTA therefore calls upon the European Commission  to ensure the reforms will be quickly enforced. 

Maurits Bruggink Secretary General: The fragmentation in VAT rules is one of the most important barriers to the Single Market, and a major competitive disadvantage for sellers. Most webshops have difficulties in dealing with the red tape and legal requirements involved with paying VAT in another Member State.  

EMOTA also calls on policy makers to launch as soon as possible the consultations with the stakeholders in order to identify the best solutions for the challenges that some of the proposed measures will bring – including the liability for intermediaries to collect VAT, or the compliance for third country sellers.