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EMOTA Welcomes the Business Confederation of Macedonia

The European eCommerce & Omni-Channel Association is pleased to announce the latest addition to its ever-growing eCommerce family with its new member – the Business Confederation of Macedonia (BCM).

The Business Confederation of Macedonia, established in 2001, has a membership of 8500 companies associated in 13 business associations. As an association of employers, it not only represents the interests of its members and the wider business community in the country, but also acts as a catalyst for business expression: through supporting entrepreneurship and SMEs, promoting skills and education, improving the business environment, and promoting sustainability and long-term growth of companies.

EMOTA’s Secretary General, Maurits Bruggink, welcomes the Business Confederation of Macedonia and is excited by the prospect of working with an association based in one of Europe’s developing e-commerce markets, adding: “with the BCM opting to join EMOTA, this not only boosts EMOTA’s knowledge base and geographical reach, but also our reputation as the industry association of eCommerce in Europe. We look forward to exchanging best practices with the BCM, as well as gaining a strong understanding of the Macedonian eCommerce market”.

Following the approval of the BCM’s membership application, the Executive President of the Business Confederation of Macedonia, Mile Boskov stated: “we are delighted to become a member of EMOTA. With such a combined pool of knowledge and advocacy expertise, becoming an EMOTA member offers a great opportunity for our members to gain a firm understanding of the political and regulatory landscape in the EU, as well as a unique opportunity to engage in best practice sharing with 17 other eCommerce markets. We look forward to working with EMOTA and bringing a Macedonian dimension to its diverse membership base”.

To read more about the BCM, please click here.