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EP Pushes for much needed clarity in Geo-blocking Report

EMOTA strongly opposes the obligation to sell to non-domestic consumers in the proposed EU Commission Regulation on Geo-blocking. EU policy makers should first provide businesses and consumers with a true Digital Single Market before launching in such initiatives. The fragmentation in taxation rules, payments, delivery solutions, consumer protection rules and many others remain important and costly barriers to cross-border eCommerce. Being far from a solution, this Regulation only forces sellers, and ultimately consumers, to pay the price for not having a Single Market.

EMOTA welcomes the more realistic approach by MEP Roza Thun, Rapporteur on the Geo-blocking proposal in the European Parliament. Thun proposes some positive amendments which: 

1. Ensure that seller’s law applies if sales take place in sellers’ territory;

2. Ensures high transparency in re-routing without a consent requirement;

3. Exclude B2B sales from the scope of this proposal;


Maurits Bruggink, EMOTA Secretary General said: “MEP Thun made some very important steps forward towards clarity and legal certainty in the Geo-blocking Regulation. We welcome the approach based on simple legal solutions for the rules that will apply to these transactions and hope this would receive the necessary support. We also welcome the clarifications around the B2B transactions. There are areas where improvements are necessary, the case for payments where it is important to be able to confirm a payment and not only the initiation of the payment before shipping the goods. We must not forget that sellers are still forced in this Regulation to sell to non-domestic consumers which will come at a cost for both, these costs will always be higher for smaller companies. We therefore would insist that micro-enterprises are excluded from such burdensome obligations. We are keen to work with the EU Parliament to improve the text.”


Maurits Bruggink

EMOTA Secretary General 

You can find here the latest EMOTA position on the EU Commission proposal.