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Geoblocking: EP Improvements dont go far enough

The European Parliament IMCO Committee adopted on 25 April the Report on the draft Geo-blocking Regulation by MEP Roza Thun. While MEPs have tried to resolve some of the issues that would negatively affect online retailers, the EU Parliament amendments seem not to entirely address the issues raised by EMOTA. 

Maurits Bruggink the EMOTA Secretary General said “We appreciate the openess and efforts of MEPs to address the issues raised by EMOTA. We appreciate that, for example, in the case of payments, MEPs have introduced additional safeguards for online retailers. Also, we support the removal of B2B transactions from the scope of this Regulation. “

“However, we are dissapointed that our members will in the end have to face an obligation to sell, instead of being incentivized to sell cross-border. “ adds Bruggink “The measures proposed by the EU Parliament and Council in the area of applicable law might not go far enough in securing legal certainty and this will become an issue for the courts”. 

"Furthermore, the Parliament, just like the Council, proposed that sellers collect consent for automatic re-routing, and keep that consent permanently unless they want to collect consent each time. This is not a future proof solution and will result in higher compliance costs for SMEs and micro-enterprises”.

EMOTA encourages policy makers to use the trialogue as a last opportunity to address the core issues around this Regulation and avoid the significant negative effects on the Digital Single Market.

 You can find here the latest EMOTA position.